Thrift Store

NICA’s Thrift Store

NICA operates a Thrift Store that serves a dual purpose for the organization. First, and most importantly, for our clients, our Thrift Store provides access to much needed clothing. Whether the client needs new clothing for a job interview, or they are homeless and need a jacket, a hat, or a pair of gloves to defend against the winter cold, the Thrift Store provides such items to those who are eligible free of charge.

In addition to meeting the needs of clients free of charge, NICA’s Thrift Store also provides much needed revenue for the organization. Through the sale of donated clothing and goods, NICA generates revenue that assists with the cost of providing greater services for those in need.

If you would like to learn more about NICA’s thrift Store, or if you are in need and would like to receive assistance from the Thrift Store please call NICA at 817-626-1102, we want to help.