Food Pantry

Feeding the Hungry

NICA takes the battle against hunger seriously. For over 45 years NICA has been feeding the hungry in Northside.

NICA operates a self service food pantry. Each client seeking food is offered the opportunity to browse the pantry and select the food items they would like to eat. The concept of a self select food pantry is in keeping with NICA’s consistent effort to treat all clients with dignity and respect, and it cuts down on food waste because clients do not take home food they do not want or will not eat.

NICA provides food to an average of 900 low-income families and seniors each month.  Food is provided to clients based on their ability to meet program requirements, and the availability of food resources. In studying our clients use of the Food Pantry, NICA has found that the typical food recipient demonstrates a great need for the food they receive, in essence, they have no source of food other than to receive food assistance from NICA.

If you are interested in learning more about NICA’s food pantry, or if you’re struggling with hunger, or know someone who is – please call us directly at 817-626-1102, we want to help.