CYD Student Success Story

Rosy Perez was a former Circle of Winners student who is now in graduate school at Texas Wesleyan. NICA was very fortunate to have her come back to share her experience with the present-day Circle of Winners students, that are now walking in the same shoes that she did many years ago. Rosy described NICA as being an “antique jeweler,” that took time to “polish gems” that had many flaws. These gems, as she described are the students, and she really appreciated the time and effort NICA put into each  Circle of Winners students so that they were able to shine as bright as they possibly could. As Rosy continued to share her experience, she described the impact that the Circle of Winners program had on her life:

“The impact it has had on me is hard to describe, because words won’t describe what they did for me. I could have gone and dropped out of college, found any old job, and have been satisfied with life”. With the  resources provided by the staff within the Circle of Winners program, Rosy was able to get a scholarship to pay for her undergraduate and graduate degree. She stated that “if I didn’t have the people within the Circle of Winners Program backing me up along with my parents, it’s hard to say where I would be”.

Before she took her seat, Rosy’s closing statements were “if NICA needs me to come in on a Saturday to talk to kids I will be there, if NICA needs me to clean the bathrooms I will be there, and if NICA needs me to do anything I will be there because no amount of money can pay for what they did for me.”

Rosy is one example of many students that are impacted by the Circle of Winners Program every year. NICA really appreciates her willingness to come back and help the community that she grew up with, and NICA also thanks her for sharing her experience.