College Readiness Month

Are you college ready?

College Readiness month is a fun, educational and interactive event that is held during the month of May. During this month the Circle of Winner students participate in three different workshops. The first workshop is the College Workshop. During this workshop, the Circle of Winner students fill out a college application, write an essay and have to find their transcripts by participating in a scavenger hunt.

The second workshop is the Financial Aid Workshop, this workshop gives the Circle of Winner students the opportunity to complete a FAFSA, fill out a scholarship, hunt down their transcripts and practice requesting a letter of recommendation.

The last workshop, the Money Management Workshop, begins with the Circle of Winners students receiving scholarship money and having to learn how to manage it wisely when life throws them various obstacles. At the end of the month, the staff and the Circle of Winner students come together and talk about any additional information that the students should know when attending college. The topics range from explaining what the “freshman fifteen” is to how to keep a lasting impression on your professor.

This month of college readiness, give the students a glimpse of what is to come when applying for college, financial aid and when they are a college student.

Below are the pictures from the past events:


College Workshop

Financial Aid Workshop

Money Management Workshop (Coming soon!)