Carretero Family Encounters Renewed Hope During Christmas Season

[ Pictured above. the mother of the family ]

The Carretero family has suffered greatly within just a short period of time. Early in September of 2016 they had to endure the loss of their eldest child in a tragic car accident. She was only 22 years of age. Not 2 months after having to bury their daughter, the Carreteros had to endure yet another life-altering event. A night of fun and trick-or-treating on Halloween ended with the family returning home only to find their house in flames. They lost everything – a feeling all too familiar after the loss of a daughter.  This family had to live in darkness to begin the Holidays and had no idea what the future held for them. Nothing can fill the void of losing a beloved child, but helping the families’ immediate needs was the number one priority for Arlington Heights United Methodist Church. The members of the congregation came together to raise enough funds and, with the help of our agency, we were able to provide for them in areas such as clothing, shoes, food, a brand new Dell laptop for the children’s school work, and Christmas gifts for the entire family.

The Carretero family has had their faith restored because of people like the congregation at Arlington Heights United Methodist Church and many other members of the community and entities who have reached out and done the same.  We have recently learned that an organized called Fotolanthropy teamed up with KiddNation and 106.1 KissFM to sponsor the family with toys, household items and much more.

What an important reminder that we live in a world that still cares, regardless of race or religion, and we can all find opportunities to create some joy (even in small ways) in the lives of those who are hurting. Here at NICA, we are fervently praying for the Carretero family and if you would like to donate further in any way, simply call us at 817-626-1106.