About Us

Who We Are

The Northside Inter-Community Agency, Inc. (NICA) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, charitable organization. Located near Fort Worth’s historic stockyards, NICA was established in 1969. Our agency is the largest and most comprehensive multi-service provider of basic needs, goods, and services for the northwest quadrant of Tarrant County.

What We Do

The agency provides educational programs, mentoring, emergency assistance, and professional social work services for low-income individuals, families, youth, homeless, elderly, and disabled clients.

The most pressing needs are met through our direct-aid programs, providing “hand-ups”, not just a “hand-outs”. Client’s long-term goals are met through Case Management, Crisis Counseling, Employment Assistance, and Educational Classes.


For every dollar contributed, NICA delivers 95 cents for goods and services directly to individuals and families in need.



Our Mission

The mission of NICA is to prevent poverty by helping people in need help themselves and their neighbors.

Core Purpose

To provide a means through which persons, churches and agencies on the north side of Fort Worth can join together to share ministries, program personnel and facilities in order to be of service to the community. To mobilize and coordinate the use of resources of the community at large and other such sources as may be available. To promote social welfare and combat community deterioration in low-income areas of Tarrant County by providing low-income persons with self help programs to improve the quality of their economic and social participation in community life in such a way as to contribute to the elimination of poverty.

Core Values

People have the capacity to change, and to exert control over their lives. People can function in the community when provided varying degrees of support, and should be encouraged to function as independently as possible. People should play active roles in the helping process. The helping system must be flexible as people’s needs and strengths are unique, wide ranging, and vary over time.